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Hydration advice

When you have dry skin, such as in eczema, it is important to moisturize it well.
What do you think of first when you read this?
To hydrating creams?
Indeed, but there is another solution, unfortunately too often underestimated….

Boire de l'eau pour hydrater votre peau

Drink water !

What does the word “hydrate” mean? According to the dictionnary , this means “to provide water”.

A cream is not “hydrating”. No product applied to the skin “provides water”. Your skin is waterproof against water from the outside. Otherwise, you would “fill up” every time you take a bath or shower (imagine the scene!).

In the other direction, however, the skin allows water to pass through. Either in gaseous form (perspiration, evaporation) through the pores, or in liquid form (transpiration) through the sweat glands.

These water losses are normal and regulated when the skin is healthy. Dry skin, on the other hand, lacks sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that forms a film that allows the skin to keep its moisture. It therefore has an anti-dehydration effect.

A “moisturizing” cream is the same: it has an effect “anti-deshydration” either by blocking the pores of the skin, or by providing the fatty acids that the epidermis needs (or both, like our tamanu balm). Under no circumstances does it provide water. Some moisturizing creams or ointments do not even include water in their formula!

Water comes from the inside, the creams just help not to lose it. For a good hydration of your skin, DRINK WATER !
Our advice: a glass of water in the evening before going to bed and a large glass of water in the morning when you get up. It’s an excellent habit that you can’t do without after a few days, you’ll see.

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